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When the sun goes down, but you still want to enjoy your outdoor space, landscape lighting shows its worth. Or if you simply want to highlight your home’s best features at night, lighting is the answer! Light up trees, shrubs, parts of your home, pathways, and much more. We are a great landscape lighting installers or designers near you to help you create the perfect outdoor lightingscape.

How we install landscape lights

First, we will discuss the number of light fixtures needed to achieve your lighting needs. The best part is, we can always add on more after the fact! Our team will first determine the best spot for your outdoor transformer (the brains of the fixtures). This low voltage wire is then trenched into the ground from the transformer as a direct burial wire to each fixture. We ensure to install everything to manufacturer specifications to guarantee no issues and uphold warranties. Lastly, we adjust any lights need be to the correct angels highlighting your home.


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