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If you’re looking the best retaining wall installers near me, and want to gain more space outside or level an area, a retaining wall may be what you need. Retaining walls are a great way to retain earth and eliminate a slope or hill to gain more usable space.
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How we install retaining walls

We begin by excavating a trench about 20 inches down. Create a leveling pad with a minimum of 6 inches of crushed stone compacted. The pad must be 6 inches wider than the first layer of the wall in every direction. We begin laying units at the lowest elevation of the wall and start placing base layers making sure we are completely level. Backfill with crushed stone for drainage and have a drain pipe at the base to ensure we have no water issues. Keep stacking blocks and compacting the backfill. We use geogrid every other layer on the walls to ensure wall strength. Once we reach the top we use construction adhesive to glue on the wall caps. Then we finish the grade and make sure the backfill is compacted.


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best retaining wall installers near me

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