Here at Fine Lines, we like to educate our clients on their upcoming project. We want to make sure you truly understand our step by step process. We promise it will make this one of the easiest projects you have ever completed at your home.
On-Site Estimate & Consultation, we will discuss all ideas and learn how you are going to utilize or optimize this area on your property. We will start to take measurements and design ideas to ensure we have the important details that will bring your outdoor space to the next level.
When we get back to the office we will take time to put all your designs and measurements into our estimating software and call supply yards to get prices of your requested material and we guarantee you will get an estimate in the next 48 hours.
You would like to move forward with Fine Lines. The next step is to reach out and we will go over the project and answer any questions you may have. We will collect a $1,000 deposit to put your project on our schedule.
After you give us the okay to move forward, we would recommend for you to review our catalog and visit supply yards to pick all the material that you will like to use on your future project. We will be able to assist you with this process!
1-2 weeks before the job we will contact you for all the colors and information. We will then place the order of materials and set up the delivery. We will be in contact and let you know when materials will be getting delivered.
The day our crew starts the project we will be focusing strictly on your project. The crew will be following our job details to make sure all items are completed. During the process we will have equipment and material staged on your property until the job is completed!
The Day our Crew Starts the Project you will make a 50% payment towards the remaining balance. If your job exceeds $20,000 the payment will be broken down into 3 increments of 50% 30% and 20% which will be stated in the contract.
Throughout your project there will be constant check-ins and there will always be a supervisor or foreman on the job site. Our team is fully trained to ensure your project turns out amazing with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
When the job is completed and property is cleaned up, we will do a final walkthrough to ensure everything on your project is perfect and if so we will collect the final payment of the balance.
If you are extremely happy with your project. We would love for you to leave us a google review! This helps other people in our neighborhood learn about the amazing experience you had with Fine Lines and gives us the opportunity to work with them as well.

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