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This is a place where you will relax and enjoy the outdoors. With expert patio installation and service, you’re creating a great outdoor living space for family and friends, like this. We install all of our patios to manufacturer specifications to ensure the longevity of your patio. We offer a 3-year warranty on all our work

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How we install our patios

Excavate 8 inches, compact soil and then lay down a soil separation fabric. Next install base material ( ¾ inch clean crushed stone) in 2 inch lifts with compaction each lift. Once we have 4 inches off a solid aggregate base, we use a much smaller ¼ inch crushed stone that we compact right down for the pavers. Once all the pavers are set in place we compact them using a rolling style compactor. Then sweep polymeric sand in the joints and compact again. To finish we lightly blow off the surfaces of the pavers and then apply a fine mist of water to activate the poly sand.


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